Punching Reflex Ball

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Doesn't Matter how much Power you got if you can't hit your opponent with accuracy and precision to win a fight.

Having to be a fighter, I have always look for tools to improve my striking. The punching reflex ball is my #1 go to tool. It helps me improve my: Reaction time to striking, slipping and blocking strikes. Accuracy of hitting my target is higher. my hand to eye coordination stays sharp. 

Owning multiple martial arts schools and training over 10,000+ students in martial arts over the past 15 years... helped test out pads, punching bags, sparring equipment..The punching reflex ball helps improve their striking! 

Now it is TIME for you and your family get tremendous results and learn how to use your hands to protect yourself and your family RIGHT NOW!

                           - Sensei Vlad
Feel the Difference in 3 minutes!
Train for 3 minutes and notice the difference in your striking abilities. You can get your hands to move quickly and hit accurately almost EVERY time. Just like a Pro!

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  • Head Band: perfect sized head band that will fit kids and adults
  • Heavy Red ball: used mainly for beginners and adults (not recommended for little kids as it may hurt when it hits them)
  • Light Black ball: used for increasing your coordination and reactions more than red ball.
  • Pouch: black pouch to hold head band, black and red ball
  • Manual: Instructional manual that explains how to use it.
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  • BONUS VIDEO: Explain how to set your fight ball to your length.
Adjustable Headband
60 grams heavy ball for adults
20 grams light ball for kids
Pouch to hold in
How to Manuel
How to Set it up 
Here are some awesome Videos of people
50% oFF nOW
GET FULL TRAINING with purchase!
The Punching Reflex Ball Is a Simple and Powerful Way To Build Your Striking 

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